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LG 84 inches big screen UHD Television
lg 84 inches

LG 84 inches big screen UHD Television

LG 84 inches UHD Television 4 times

better picture quality than usual HDTV



This days LG released a new big screen television. When we said big screen we mean screen with 84 inches, that’s maybe the largest television in commercial use in the world. The price of this big screen monster is around USD$ 22,000, but that’s not the only thing you should know.
One of the most important features is that this big screen LG Television have resolution of 3840x2160p. This is called UHD TV or ultra high definition television and also called 4k by it’s number of horizontal pixels. The only problem in this technology is that there is not so much content like movies or shows who have been made in such high quality. This UHD LG is equal to 4 HD Televisions of 1080p.
LG for this tv said that they have clear target audience, UHD will be big hit in the following five years and for those years to be produced more content where this UHD LG TV will show his full potential. For full sound support LG have installed 2.2 speaker system who consist of two speakers with 10 watts each and two woofers with 15 watts each.
Yes it’s a little bit pricy but can you imagine that your headache who and what to wach can disappear. This screen can be split in two and you will be able to watch two different shows at once with voice activated and motion controls.

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